Tiny Titan

Photo Credit: Adam Simpson

Tiny Titan

Tiny Titan is a $1,000 classroom supercomputer designed to teach aspiring scientists the basics of parallel computing. Unlike modern desktops and laptops that hide parallelism from the user, Tiny Titan makes parallel concepts explicit.



Tiny Titan features interactive simulations that showcase the basic concepts of parallel computing. An Xbox controller allows students to explore load-balancing and communication by directing the simulation in real-time. Each of these simulations are freely available on our GitHub.

Build your Own

You can build and program your own Tiny Titan using the plans and parts lists available here:

Quantity  Item
9 Raspberry Pi Model B+ with 8GB Micro SD Card
9 Animated Power Cables
9 USB LED Lights
3 USB Power Hub
3 Stackable Raspberry Pi B+ Case (Base)
6 Stackable Raspberry Pi B+ Case (Additional Layer)
2 5 pack, 3ft Flat Ethernet Cables
1 Wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller
1 HDMI to DVI Adapter
1 16-Port Ethernet Switch